I'm sooo excited to share this blog post with you because honestly, implementing a home schedule has seriously transformed my life as a homemaker and stay-at-home mum.

Before having our home on a schedule, I found:

Nothing felt like it was in the right place - I was always struggling to find things I needed
Things would be 'half-cleaned' and dust and dirt would accumulate in lots of places that I'd only clean once it got 'too much'
I was struggling to keep up with washing and it started to feel overwhelming
Meal planning and grocery shopping became a chore and something that would make me stressed

... and I felt like I didn't have a routine either. And most of us thrive on routine (even if we just don't know it).

After putting our home on a schedule:

Our house is as tidy as ever (yes, even with a toddler)
Everything is properly cleaned regularly, so cleaning is really easy
I've created a laundry routine that works for me and my family
Meal planning is enjoyable and I look forward to my weekly grocery shop because I don't leave it to the last minute, and
I rarely feel overwhelmed when it comes to my household responsibilities

... just to name a few.

so, what is a home schedule?

I touched on this in my How I Serve My Family As A Modern Homemaker blog post, but a home schedule is essentially a weekly schedule for all things homemaking. By assigning a different household task for each day of the week, it feels less overwhelming and you're not doing a bunch of work all at once.

For example, on Mondays you might always wash the bedding, Tuesdays might be for doing a full clean of your bathroom and toilets, Wednesdays could be when you wash your towels etc.

Creating a home schedule is a very individual thing and you set it up in a way that works and is achievable for you. It's about maintaining consistency while allowing for flexibility, so you don't feel like you can't make plans otherwise your schedule will be out for the week.

our home schedule

Let's get straight into it. Here is our home schedule.

Note, in addition to what's scheduled for each day, I also do regular pick-ups throughout the house to keep it somewhat tidy, a load of laundry, the dishes and a quick wipe-down of the stovetop. These are my non-negotiable, daily tasks.



Yes, it's my designated cookie day. We're going through a bit of a cookie season at the moment, which sees me whipping up a batch of my chocolate chip cookies (and sometimes double chocolate chip cookies) to start every week! Eloise and I tend to do this together which makes it really fun!

When it comes to housework, this is usually the most relaxing day of the week. The house is still pretty tidy, the laundry from the weekend has been put away and the floor is mostly clean, so I do what I feel like on this day and usually try to get out of the house with Eloise too.


Floor day!

Our Dyson vacuum has a hardwood floor and carpet/rug attachment, making floor day easier for me. I start off by vacuuming all the hard floors in our home and then vacuum all the rugs and carpets with the other attachment. It probably takes me about 15 minutes and works up a big sweat! Eloise loves the vacuum and follows me around giggling the whole time.

I want to note something here - I take each task seriously. I don't just do a 'quick clean' on my designated days. I do a thorough clean. Quick cleans are only done as needed throughout the week, in addition to my thorough cleans.

So, what this looks like for me on Tuesdays, is vacuuming the lounge room rug and moving our coffee table so I can vacuum underneath it, as well as vacuuming under our furniture that has legs (like our TV unit). It also means moving our floor lamps so I can vacuum under there too, not just around it. Same goes for the floors underneath the mats in our kitchen and under the bath mats in the bathroom.

Everything gets a good clean and you can feel the difference when you walk through our home.

Because you know what? If you can see where a clean surface stops and a dirty one begins, chances are others can see it too. If that doesn't bother you though, than you do you!



Wednesdays are probably the busiest day of our home schedule. This is when I tackle our bathroom - which looks like:

Scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet
Cleaning the shower and wiping the dust off shampoo bottles etc
Polishing the tapware
Filling up our hand wash, body wash and re-stocking the toilet paper
Cleaning the vanity, the sink and the mirror
Washing the bath/shower mats, shower curtain, towels and hand towels

It's a big day! I like to do most of the cleaning during Eloise's first nap of the day, because if I'm in the bathroom, she's sure to follow and it just makes it more time consuming than it needs to be. I also don't want her nearby when I'm spraying and scrubbing all kinds of stuff.

I love when Jesse comes home from work on a Wednesday, because I know that the bathroom is squeaky clean, smells nice and he has delightfully fluffy bath mats and towels to use when he showers.

Can you tell my love language is Acts of Service?


Hard surfaces, tables, countertops and playroom!

Thursdays are super satisfying and easy to tackle during Eloise's wake windows. I usually have some music playing on our GoogleHome while I go room-to-room wiping down things such as:

Coffee tables and side tables
TV unit (including all the way under the TV itself and the shelves)
Bed heads
Buffet table
Office desk (including a wipe-down of our screens, printer, keyboard and laptop which all accumulate dust)
Kitchen counters, microwave and cupboards

I also make sure to give any decor a quick wipe (think candles, stands, frames etc.) and tidy Eloise's playroom too.


Friday is all about getting our home ready for the weekend.

Ultimately, it's the time when there's the most footsteps in our home, even if it's just the three of us!

Fridays are pretty relaxed, but usually consist of:

Making sure any stray dirty laundry has been washed, dried and put-away
Giving the bathroom vanity a once-over with a general cleaning spray, and the toilet cistern a quick disinfect
Vacuuming high-traffic areas of our home (i.e. the kitchen, lounge room and dining room)
Planning our meals for the week ahead, doing a stock-take of our pantry/fridge, writing my shopping list and placing an online order for our groceries to be delivered on Saturday or Sunday (I do this through Woolworths)

I always write our meal plan, shopping list and dinner menu when I do my weekly meal planning. You can download the exact THREE planners I use every week for this, just by signing-up to my fortnightly newsletter HERE! It's completely free and once you sign-up, you'll receive your A4-sized, PDF download straight to your inbox!

Although I try to do this most days, on Fridays I make a particular effort to prepare dinner in advance (and sometimes even cook it, so it just needs reheating) so I have some wind-down time for myself during Eloise's afternoon nap.


Saturday is our family day and we always get out together and do something fun. I don't do any heavy cleaning on the weekend, but will still do my daily load of laundry (or two, if Jesse's been in the garden and has dirty clothes to be washed) and vacuum here and there if needed. Jesse will usually mop the floors on Saturday too.


Similar to Saturdays, we like to spend Sundays as a family and I'll do the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning, just enough to maintain the house.

There's a few tasks I still tackle on Sundays, but they don't involve me getting my hands dirty. These are:

Washing all our bedding (I do this every second Sunday)
Grocery shopping at Aldi (despite placing an online order for delivery through Woolworths, it's not usually much as I still do most of our shopping at Aldi to save money)
Meal prep some snacks for Eloise if our freezer/snack stash is running low.

okay t, but how do i create my own home schedule?

YAY!! You're about to embark on something that's going to completely change your life as a homemaker and stay-at-home mum!

If I was creating a home schedule again from scratch, this is what I'd do:

1. Get out a piece of paper and a pen (or the Notes app on your phone), and for the next fortnight, write down every task you do to maintain your household (if you'd rather start a home schedule ASAP, then you can do a brain-dump, but just know you might forget a thing or two and have to add it in later). Be sure to note how frequently you do it too (daily, every-other-day, fortnightly).

2. Play with different schedules. Experiment with assigning tasks to different days and seeing if it works. If it doesn't seem to fit with your daily life, it'll only overwhelm you, and we don't want that! We want your home schedule to feel second-nature and low-pressure.

Come up with a plan, give it a go and make changes if necessary. It took me about a month to find a schedule for our home that works and is maintainable for me, and in that time I experimented with many different routines.

3. Please don't keep it all in your head. Write it down! The secret bonus of writing it down and having it on display? Your partner will see it and might just surprise you by tackling some of your chores.

To help you get on a home schedule that sticks, I'm busy working behind-the-scenes to bring you a home schedule planner that you can fill-out and stick to your fridge so you're always on-track, so stay tuned!

3. Be flexible. If your home schedule doesn't allow for any flexibility, you'll feel like you're unable to leave the house in the fear that your home will be 'off schedule'. I'll often swap my days around if I have a busy week or other priorities to make sure I can do it all.

And if you can't? That's okay! There's weeks where I don't vacuum my floors until they're covered in crumbs from my toddler's snacks or weeks where I choose to do a big clean one day to free up other days of my week. Your home schedule should feel easy!

in summary...

Putting your home on a schedule is one of the best things you can do as a homemaker and stay-at-home mum, helping to make your home responsibilities less chaotic and much more enjoyable.

I hope this post has inspired you to create a home schedule that works and is achievable for you, and encourages you to start building a more scheduled home maintenance routine that doesn't feel overwhelming.

And remember to stay tuned for my FREE home schedule planner coming soon!

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